About Us

Alray Mechanical Curtain Systems and Curtain Manufacturing

ALRAY offers a modern and aesthetic solution to all window interior and exterior equipment. We produce curtain systems that you can use safely in all kinds of places such as residences, offices, business centers, hospitals, hotels. In addition, we offer the highest awning system, from the bathroom rail to the stage rail, technically and aesthetically. As the only manufacturer company that incorporates all of these systems in our country, our aim is to introduce you to our products with superior service and high technology and to make the most of our products. We believe that window covering systems are among the most emphasizing elements in space designs. For this reason, our first goal is to introduce our products to you, architects, interior designers and technical staff on this subject in the best way. In our company, JALUZİ SLAT and CASE of PVC VERTICAL CURTAIN leaves are produced by our company.